If your backyard lacks pizazz and you are looking for a transformation, there are several options. If you can dream it, you can do it. But if your yard space is uneven or filled with too many dips and valleys, it may be time to call in the pros for a little assistance. Here is how a landscaping contractor can help turn your boring backyard into a beautiful oasis. 

Adding Retaining Walls and Stairs

When a backyard area is hilly or uneven, excavation equipment is needed to get creative with the landscape. Using various tools and equipment, including backhoes and excavators, contractors, and landscapers are able to level out raised areas and move dirt around to create a more well-rounded backyard area.

When there are slopes or hills that can't be transformed, using the space wisely is the next best choice. One way is to create a retaining wall that can also double as a landscaping focal point. Once the wall is reinforced, boulders, rocks and concrete stairs can be added for a more attractive look. This is a great way to create a personalized rock garden highlighted with perennials, shrubs, and other plants of your choice. This also combats erosion and diverts water away from the home or other areas of the property. 

Creating a Small Pond or Water Feature

Having a backyard full of dips and valleys means it might be a good place to create a water feature. A man-made creek or bubbly water fountain are popular additions to any backyard. Contractors specializing in excavation work can create small ponds in these areas with a sandy beach. They can also add fountains to create a stunning focal point. A water feature such as a small rock waterfall can transform a boring backyard into a visual masterpiece. 

Putting in Raised Flower Beds

Once a hilly backyard area is leveled to a smooth, even surface, there are ways to utilize all the excess dirt. One way is to create raised garden beds. This can be a beneficial asset to an avid gardener who dreams of putting in a nice garden bed. 

For flower lovers, a raised bed can be placed in either a shady or sunny soil area. Using excess dirt from the excavation, a raised bed can be constructed almost anywhere. Stone and sand can both be used to create the base. From there, wood or metal reinforced sides can help shape the garden. You can also add drip irrigation to these beds to provide a consistent watering source during the growing season.  

Whether you want flowers or veggies, ask your contractor about creating raised garden beds that meet your needs as a gardener. 

Don't let a hilly, unlevel backyard drag you down. Almost every yard has potential! You can create the backyard space of your dreams with a little help from an excavation professional.