Does your home have windows that desperately need to be replaced, and you've finally decided to move forward with doing it? If so, you likely have questions about what to expect during the window replacement process. 

The Consultation

Everything starts with a consultation, which is when a window contractor comes to your home to get a good idea about what you need. They'll take measurements of the existing windows so that they have a record of them and then discuss with you what they recommend for new windows. You'll get a bit of education about all the different options available to you, and then have some time to think about what you want.

The New Window Selection

You'll reach out to your window contract to let them know what windows you want to purchase and have installed in your home. You'll decide on everything, such as the window material, color, the type of glass, and even figure out a day and time that works for you to have the windows installed. You'll typically pay for the windows at this time as well so that they can be ordered.

The Old Window Removal 

The installation process starts by removing your old windows. This is done very carefully since the window contractors do not want to damage the existing structure of your home. They'll need to remove moldings on the inside that surround the window in order to gain access to the previous window frame, so expect to clear out some space around each window in your house before the contractors arrive, 

The New Window Preparation

Each window opening will need to be prepared for the new window that is about to go in it. This involves making sure that the window openings are square, level, and clean. They may need to bring in some additional materials to level the window opening so that it is ready for the new frame.

The New Window Installation

Brand new windows will be installed from the outside of your home, with insert windows being installed from the inside. An insert window is when the original window frame is preserved and the new window is inserted in its place, which is not the same as a new window replacement. Once the window is confirmed to be level and square, the contractor will seal around the edges of the window to create a tight seal.

The Finishing Touches

The final step is to place the moldings around the windows to hide the framing material, and then clean up the mess left behind from the installation. Then the hardware goes onto the windows to wrap up the job.

Reach out to a window replacement contractor to learn more.