Swimming pools can have many different design features that make them stand out. If you're installing a new pool in your backyard and want it to be distinctive, consider using some of these unique features. 

Glass Pool Wall

Replacing one of your pool's standard walls with a glass one creates a seamless transition between the pool and its surroundings. 

A glass wall can make a waterfront property's pool seem as if it's part of the lake or ocean. For non-waterfront properties, a glass pool wall can be paired with a fountain to make it seem as if the pool is flowing into the fountain. Children also have a lot of fun watching people swim if there's a glass wall that they can view through.

If you choose to add a glass wall to your pool's design, make whatever pool wall faces the most visually interesting surroundings the glass one. This could be the wall that faces a lake or the ocean, or it could be a wall that you install a fountain directly next to.


A fountain adds visual intrigue and creates a focal point for your swimming pool's design. The sound of a fountain also appeals to the auditory senses, making it seem as if a babbling brook or little wave was nearby.

Fountains can be as extravagant or as simple as you want. Because of the wide variety of fountain styles, you should be able to find a few fountain options that are within your budget.

LED In-Pool Lights

LED lights are one of the easiest items to add to a pool's design, as they require only a few light fixtures and some wiring. Once the lights are installed, LED bulbs don't have to be changed for a long time.

Despite being a simple pool design feature to install, LED lights are one of the most striking features you can upgrade a pool design with. You can set them to whatever color you like, or have the lights rotate through colors. Pair them with music during the evening, and your pool will create the perfect atmosphere for a party.

Diving Board

For continual fun, add a diving board to the deep end of your pool. Any basic diving board will give jumpers a chance to strike a pose before hitting the water. You can further enhance the feature by getting a diving board that goes well with your pool design's overall decor.

Contact a local contractor to learn more about different pool design options.