Drilled water wells can be used to supply water to a home or business, and they offer the benefit of freshwater already under the property. The water can be easy to find, but getting it up and out of the well often calls for a submersible well pump rated for the lift and pressure to push the water out of the well. 

Water Pumps

One of the most common systems used to get water from the drilled well and into the structure for use is the installation of a submersible well pump. The pump sits deep in the well, under the waterline, and pushes the water up through a plastic pipe to the surface. A pressurized water tank will store the water until it is needed later.

Some drilled wells can be extremely deep, so ensuring you have a strong enough pump to push the water up to the surface is essential. A deep well pump is sometimes required, and most have a larger motor and bigger impellors to provide the lift to get the water out of the well. 

The Right Pump

When you are considering a submersible well pump for your well, there are some key things that you need to consider. The first is the well depth, and this can be tricky because a well that is four hundred feet deep may sound like a deep well, but it does not always mean you need a deep well pump.

The amount of water that the well is producing can impact the pump requirements, and a well with a high flow rate may be filling the wellbore halfway up the well. If that is the case, the pipe running from the well pump will also fill up at least that far, but once primed, it will require less effort on the pump to move the water to the surface.

When the well drilling service finds water in the ground, they can measure the flow rate into the well, and using that information, can recommend a well pump for you. Wells that have limited water will need pumps that are durable enough to position just off the bottom of the well, whereas high yield wells may not need to set the pump as deep but should still be able to deal with the depth within about a few meters of the bottom. 

Water Storage

Once the submersible well pump is in place, the water line coming from the well can be connected to a water storage tank inside the building. In order to reduce the strain on the well pump, a pressure tank may be used that contains a rubber bladder inside the tank. The pump will fill the bladder with water, and when a specific pressure is reached, the pump shuts off and stays off until the pressure in the tank drops.

The bladder provides water pressure in the system, and the pump does not run as often, extending the life of your submersible well pump.

If you're interested in investing in a water well pump or would like to learn more, contact a well contractor—such as Modern Pump & Equipment—near you today.