After noticing that your home's gutters are starting to look worn and/or are no longer effectively draining water away from your home, you may have decided that it is time to have new gutters installed. Whether your current gutters are made from vinyl or aluminum, you may believe that you need to install the same material as you have now.

However, instead of going with the material that your current gutters are made from, consider replacing them with copper. There are a couple of benefits that come with having a professional contractor install copper gutters on your home.

1.  Copper Gutters Are More Resistant to Damage than Ones Made of Vinyl or Aluminum

One benefit of having copper gutters installed when replacing your old ones is that the metal from which they are constructed is highly resistant to damage. With vinyl gutters, their lightweight material is more susceptible to tearing. And, with aluminum, gutters made from this thin metal are more likely to bend if a branch strikes them.

However, copper is a durable, sturdy metal. It typically takes an extreme amount of force to damage them, so if a branch does fall against it, it can withstand the impact. This durability also helps to give the gutters a longer lifespan, making it possible to go longer before you have to replace them as opposed to ones made from vinyl or aluminum.

2.  Gutters Made from Copper Require Less Maintenance than Other Materials

Another advantage that copper gutters have over their aluminum and vinyl counterparts is that they require less maintenance. Aluminum gutters are prone to rust and corrosion, while vinyl tends to promote the growth of algae, mold, and mildew that will need to be cleaned off periodically.

However, copper tends to inhibit the growth of fungi and algae so that the gutters will not need to be cleaned off once or twice a year. And, since copper does not rust, you do not have to worry about its corrosive effects eating away at the metal.

Along with being more resistant to damage and requiring less maintenance than vinyl or aluminum models, gutters constructed out of copper can also add value to your home thanks to being aesthetically pleasing. Even after they have aged a few years, the patina effect gives their appearance an added charm. To learn more about their benefits, contact a copper gutter installation contractor to set up an appointment to speak with someone.