If you use your home's fireplace, you will need to prioritize caring for the chimney. Often, this will involve having repairs made to the chimney due to the damage that it can suffer. Understanding the repairs that your chimney is most likely to require can help you with being prepared for when these problems arise.

Damage From A Fire In The Chimney

Over time, large amounts of residue and debris can gather in the chimney's interior. Unfortunately, these are likely to catch fire when burning embers come in contact with them. In many cases, a chimney fire may burn itself out fairly quickly, but it can cause extensive damage to the chimney during this time. For example, the intense heat can damage the interior flue of the chimney as well as the exterior brick and mortar. Regularly cleaning the interior of the chimney can prevent these fires from starting, which can save you considerably on repair costs.

Damage To The Brick And Mortar Of The Chimney

At some point, you may notice that the exterior of your chimney has developed cracks and other visible problems. Repairing this structural damage to the chimney will need to be done as soon as possible. Depending on the extent of this damage, it is possible for the chimney to have sections of it fall onto the roof. While older chimneys are more likely to experience this problem, it is possible for newer chimneys to suffer this damage as well due to the impacts that can occur to them during strong storms. For example, a large branch landing on the chimney can easily hit it with enough force to cause these problems to develop.

Flue Lining Cracks

The flue of the chimney has a protective liner that protects the chimney from the intense heat of the fire while also preventing fumes from seeping into the home's interior. Unfortunately, it is possible for the chimney's interior lining to suffer cracks, and you may not be able to easily notice this type of damage on your own. As a result, if you fail to have the flue lining inspected, it is possible for this damage to severely worsen over time. For the best results, you may want to have the flue inspection done after having the chimney cleaned so that soot will not inhibit this assessment. Luckily, a chimney repair contractor will be able to quickly complete lining repairs so that the disruptions to your ability to use the fireplace are limited.