If your fireplace is not drafting correctly, it could be due to a poorly designed or damaged chimney. Either way, you are going to need to have chimney repairs done to be able to use it this winter. Repairs might include fixing leaks, extending the chimney stack, and installing new caps. Fireplace and chimney repairs that you might need when you start to have problems include:

Chimney Draft Issues

The draft of your chimney is the natural convection current that allows the gases and smoke to escape. For the chimney to draft correctly, it needs to be built to a certain height depending on the size of the fireplace or stove. Fireplaces need to have a correctly designed firebox for the draft. If your chimney is not drafting correctly, this can be due to several issues that need to be repaired, including the height of the stack, hazardous air leaks, or because the fireplace is not correctly designed. A chimney repair service can evaluate these problems and recommend the best repairs to ensure your fireplace is drafting correctly.

Leaks Around Chimney Stacks

Outside of the chimney, there could be problems with leaks that damage the fireplace and cause water damage inside your home. These are some of the most severe problems with chimneys that need to be repaired because if they go unrepaired, it can lead to costly mold damage and structural issues. Therefore, if you notice any watermarks around your fireplace hearth, it is a good idea to have a chimney repair service look at the problem and fix it before it gets too severe.

Damaged Chimney Caps 

The chimney caps are other areas where you could have problems with your fireplace. The chimney caps can be damaged and allow water to get into your fireplace. They can also be an area where pests get into your home, which can be a serious hazard if there is debris from nests. Therefore, one of the chimney repairs that might need to be done is replacing the cap to ensure your fireplace is protected. A new chimney cap may also need to be installed if you need to extend the height of your stack to improve the draft for your fireplace.

Damaged Flue Pipes and Dampers

The flue pipe and dampers can also be vulnerable to problems that you might need to have repaired. If you have not been vigilant about having a chimney sweep clean your fireplace annually, the buildup of soot can slowly cause the pipe to deteriorate. This can lead to other hazards, and the damper might also be damaged. If there is damage to the flue pipe or damper, they might need to be replaced to ensure your fireplace is safe.

The problems with your chimney can lead to serious hazards and damage to your home. Contact a residential chimney repair service when you start to notice problems that need to be addressed before the winter weather.