The crawl space waterproofing in your home is important to prevent serious problems that often go unnoticed. A good waterproofing system for your crawl space may need to include more than just a sealant for exterior walls. The following crawl space waterproofing system design information will help you with these improvements:

Include A Crawl Space Drainage System

The drainage of your crawl space is important to keep moisture problems under control. Start with the drainage systems on the exterior of the foundation walls to help keep runoff out of the interior. You will also want to have a drainage system designed for the interior of your crawl space. The drainage system may need more than just drain tiles if you have problems with groundwater seeping up into the crawl space. In these situations, a sump pump can be installed to remove any water that does get into the foundation. The drainage system will help keep the water out and prevent problems with moisture not being able to escape. 

Add Cross Ventilation to Eliminate Moisture

The crawl space is an area where moisture can occur naturally, and the air in the foundation may be humid and moist. Therefore, it is important that your foundation has good cross ventilation. This is done by installing vents on adjacent walls to allow air to flow through the foundation. The better ventilation will allow the moisture to escape and your crawl space to stay dry. Talk with your crawl space waterproofing contractor about installing more vents to improve the cross ventilation. If your crawl space always feels damp and has a humid smell that seeps into your home, adding vents for better ventilation can help solve this problem.

Use Membrane Waterproofing to Prevent Cracks

The foundation of your home is vulnerable to damage due to the static pressure that groundwater causes when it rains. Membrane waterproofing systems can help prevent these problems. They can be installed on basements as well as crawl space foundations. The areas of your foundation that are farther below the exterior soil elevations will benefit the most from these improvements. This can also be a good solution if you have portions of your foundation with a crawl space and portions that are a basement.

With a good crawl space waterproofing design, your home will stay dry and free from moisture problems. To protect your home from this type of damage, contact a crawl space waterproofing service and ask about these solutions.