The problems with burst pipes not only affect homes. Your business can also be vulnerable to burst pipe problems, which can happen at any time of the year. This is due to the complicated plumbing design of commercial buildings, high-pressure pipes, and mechanical systems that can fail. When you have a problem with a burst pipe in your business, you want to know how to deal with the damage and begin cleaning quickly. The following flood cleanup guide will help you deal with burst pipes to open the doors of your business again quickly:

  • Make Sure Clients and Employees Are Safe—The first step in the restoration process should be to make sure the building is safe. If the pipe bursts during normal hours of operation evacuate clients and untrained employees. After everyone is safe, you will want to turn off the electricity and mechanical systems in the affected areas of your business. Do these things before you start with pumping water out and emergency repairs that need to be done to the damaged plumbing lines.
  • Find the Damaged Pipe To Shut It Off—The source of the burst pipe could be a common water line or a mechanical system line. Find the source of the failure and turn the line off for repairs to be done. If it is a common water line, you can drain the water from the line by opening plumbing fixtures. If the line is part of a mechanical system, check the installation and open any valves that need to be opened to relieve pressure from the line.
  • Begin Pumping Out The Water From Your Business—After you have done a safety check and relieving pressure from the burst pipe, you will be ready to start removing the water from your business. Begin pumping the water out using submersible pump equipment, which are pumps that can be rented from any tool rental service. If there is a lot of water to pump out of the building, you will want to rent a larger pump with a capacity to pump more gallons per hour.
  • Dry the Damaged Area Out and Begin Cleaning—Once the standing water has been removed from the building, you are ready to begin drying everything out. This can be done by using industrial fans in doors and windows to circulate air through the building. You can begin cleaning up and doing demolition work that needs to be done while the fans are drying out your business.

Dealing with commercial flooding can be a challenge, but if you act quickly, you can open the doors of your business again sooner. Contact a flood damage service for help with repairing the damage and getting ready to open for business again.