Iron railings work well in many outdoor locations. If you have steps that lead up to your front porch and you're looking for railings that offer a certain visual quality, iron can be a good material. Many homes that have balconies often have iron railings around them, too. What you might not realize is that this type of railing can also work well inside of your residence. Iron railings are available in many different styles, so there are lots of ways that you can use them indoors. Here are three options that might appeal to you.

1. Along Your Staircase

If it's open on one or both sides, there's a good chance that your staircase uses wooden railings. While there are benefits to this look, you might feel ready for a change. Perhaps you're keen on something that has more of a contemporary appearance, for example. Iron railings can dramatically alter the look of a set of stairs. Black railings with hardwood treads and white risers, for example, can offer a stylish scene that quickly becomes a focal point in your home. Whether the staircase is straight, turns 90 degrees, or is spiral, you can find iron railings that will complement it.

2. Around Sunken Living Room

Some homes have sunken living rooms, and it's important to have some type of barrier that runs along the edge of this space as a means of preventing a visitor from stumbling over the edge and falling into the living room. While some people use furniture for this purpose, you may want a different option. Consider a section of iron railing along the edge of the floor immediately before where the living room begins. It will serve a functional purpose, while its design will also keep the space feeling open. You can also have a small section of railing next to the steps that lead into the living room.

3. Along a Hallway

Some hallways can feel tight and dark, especially if they lack windows. If you're interested in giving your home more of an open-concept feel and depending on the placement of the hallways in your home, you might be thinking about hiring a remodeling contractor to remove a section of the wall along a hallway. While he or she will need to leave some pillars behind for support, you might like the idea of a section of iron railing that runs between these pillars. This change will visually open up the hallway, which can dramatically alter the appearance and feel of the space. Visit a railing dealer to look at the different styles of iron railings that are available.