If there is damage to your driveway, you want to repair the concrete pavement quickly. Before it can be fixed, you are also going to need to locate the damage and identify the problem that caused it. The following concrete driveway repair advice will help you deal with these problems before the pavement repairs become costlier:

Dealing with Concrete Cracks—Cracking in driveway pavement can lead to serious problems that need to be repaired. These problems often start out as an isolated crack at a weak spot in the concrete. As the crack splinters out, more damage starts, and this can lead to problems like potholes, erosion, and loss of soil or foundation materials like gravel. Therefore, it is important that you have the cracks in your concrete driveway repaired before they get worse and cause serious damage to the pavement that can be costlier to fix.

Soil Erosion and Concrete Settling—If your concrete driveway is resting on a sloped elevation, soil movement can be a serious problem that you want to be aware of. This can be due to various issues with erosion or soil moving the pavement. Soil loss due to erosion is one of the most common problems, and this can lead to settling damage and large sections of your driveway sinking.

Surface Decay of Pavement Finish—The surface of concrete pavements is also vulnerable to damage due to decay. Some of the causes of the pavement surface decay include:

  • Chemical spills like auto oils and fuel
  • Acid rain that eats away at the finish
  • Poorly mixed concrete that is not properly finished
  • Excessive traffic and vehicles that wear the finish

These are common causes of pavement decay on the surface. These problems can often be repaired, and a seal coating applied to protect the pavement finish from further wear and decay.

Poor Drainage that Damages Pavement—If your driveway does not have good drainage, problems with standing water, runoff and weather can cause damage to the concrete. Therefore, you may want to consider installing drainage systems to help protect your pavement from damage due to runoff and standing water. If your driveway has a problem with soil movement, talk to the concrete service that does the repairs to the pavement about curbing solutions to help prevent these issues.

Finding damage in concrete driveways that needs to be repaired could help fix problems before they become too costly. If your driveway is damaged, contact a concrete driveway repair service for help fixing the problem and restoring your pavement.