Chances are good that the roof on your home is different than the roofs on nearby homes. Even if you live in neighborhoods or subdivisions where all homes are similar, it is likely that there are enough differences from one home to the next to call for something unique and different about the roof next door.

These differences set your home apart and help to make it stand out in a crowd. Working with custom residential roofing contractors can help you get a roof for your home that says many great things about you. These are just a few reasons why you want to choose custom residential roofing services rather than roofers who only work with one type of roofing design or material.

Educate You About Roofing Materials

A custom residential roofing service is committed to providing exceptional service at every turn. That includes educating you about various roofing materials and what they could mean for your roof.

For instance, many homeowners are surprised to learn that metal roofs can last up to fifty years or more before they need to be replaced and provide outstanding energy efficiency to help you keep your home cooler in the summer. Part of that energy efficiency is the result of the hI-R heat barrier finishes on metal roofing that allows even darker colored roofs to reflect radiant heat rather than absorb it. That is something you would learn from a custom residential roofing expert that you may not learn from ordinary roofers who simply want to leave the hard decisions up to you, do the work on your roof, and leave at the end of the day.

Make Recommendations for Roofing Challenges

Most modern homes present at least a few roofing challenges that require more than standard shingles to identify. Your challenge may be something like insufficient ventilation that increases your risk of destructive ice dams in winter, roofing variations (for dormers and other structures), or even an oddly shaped roof, which is common if you have a home built in a Victorian style that may feature rounded roofing, roof turrets, and other unique shapes or designs. If you're facing one of these challenging roof designs you need custom residential roofing services even more, so that you can get proper guidance.

The right roof will last longer, spring fewer leaks, and save you money on energy and repairs along the way. Custom residential roofing experts can make sure that is the kind of roof you get for your home.