Pulling out a bottle of wine or liquor and gathering up glasses, ice, and straws may not be considered a relaxing notion that will get you and your loved one in the mood for an alcoholic beverage. Instead of lugging everything from your kitchen and carrying it into the den, consider custom cabinetry, which includes a 'floating' countertop and storage space that can be utilized for stemware, bottled beverages, and accessories.

A Baseless Setup

A moveable bar consists of a countertop that is supported by a base that extends down to the floor. This type of setup may include behind the counter cabinets or overhead cabinetry, which can be utilized for an alcohol collection, wine glasses, mixers, and accessories. If you are looking for a modern way to introduce a bar into your home and do want the setup to interfere with the beauty of your den's flooring, a floating bar and cabinet design will be a welcome change to a clunky bar set.

A baseless setup can contain a beautiful marble, granite, or wooden countertop that is attached to a series of cabinets. The cabinetry doors can be added to the front of the bar or along each side of the bar. The bar unit will be anchored to a wall and hardware attachments will not be visible.

Varying Attributes

Sliding cabinet doors that contain minimal hardware or recessed openings may provide the illusion of a solid bar feature that doesn't open up. If you are going to be calling the shots, whenever people come to your home to visit and you want to conceal your alcohol collection and accessories, this type of cabinetry may be preferred.

Alternatively, if you are proud of your alcohol or stemware collection and would like to have full access to the items in your bar, you could choose a cabinet door style that features glass panels that are translucent or cabinetry that doesn't contain doors and that showcases a series of shelves instead. There are also cabinet styles available that are designed to hold an entire collection of wine or alcohol bottles and that is set up to store each bottle separately.

Think about a wine cellar and the manner in which bottles are stored and you will get an idea of what this type of cabinetry will consist of. Each bottle can be slid into its own slot and will remain stable, until you are ready to open it. Speak to a building contractor about different materials and color combinations that can be used in conjunction with the countertop that you select for the bar. Learn more about custom cabinet design today.