Watching your custom home come to life is an amazing experience, but it is especially interesting if you get to watch all the small organization features you choose to implement come to life. An organized home can be made possible with just the right number of built-in features. Take a look at some of the built-in features to consider for your custom home as you work with a designer. 

Built-In Kitchen Pantry 

A kitchen pantry is such an invaluable build-in to have in your new custom home. With a kitchen pantry, you can save your cabinetry in the kitchen for items like cooking utensils and dishes. Pantries are often implemented in the kitchen itself, but they can also be put in other parts of the house in adjacent rooms from the kitchen, such as in a laundry room. A pantry does not have to be all that big to serve the purpose; a small walk-in closet can work well. This is an easy enough feature to create without taking up a lot of floor space. 

Built-In Entertainment System 

The built-in entertainment system in your family room makes way for a nice display of your electronic equipment, such as your television and your child's game systems. These build-ins can be as simple or extensive as you want. For example, you may just want a few shelves, or you could go with cabinets and other integrated components that take up a full wall. 

Built-In Bathroom Vanity Table 

Vanity tables where you can sit as you get ready for the day, put on makeup, or fix your hair are an awesome addition to any custom home. The master bathroom is one of the most logical places for a built-in vanity table to go, but these build-ins also make their way into bedrooms and large walk-in closets as well. 

Built-In Garage Shelving Systems

The garage tends to be the catch-all place for everything that doesn't have a place to go in your custom home, but with the installation of some built-in shelving, the clutter can be better organized. Build-ins are ever-popular in garages in a custom-designed home. Some homeowners prefer a garage that is fully decked out in shelves and cabinets around the entire space, which is perfectly doable if you are opting for a larger garage. Overhead storage solutions in the garage are also worth consideration if you need a little extra storage space and do not have a lot of floor space. 

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