Did you know that an entire industry dedicates itself to the safe transportation of complex and heavy goods? Rigging is a special service for moving large items safely, using only certified specialists and the finest equipment. Read on to learn more about everyday situations that might require a rigging service.

Construction Projects

Construction projects often involve moving large objects around, like steel beams or heavy machinery. In these cases, the most efficient way of doing so is by using a rigging service.

A qualified rigger will assess the size and weight of the item and then create a customized plan for transporting it safely from one point to another. They might opt for special rigging equipment—such as cranes, slings, winches, or other hoisting devices—to complete the lift safely.

The rigger will also use additional tools and techniques to move the item without damaging any surrounding structures or people. For example, they might use padding and tarps to protect the item during transport. In some cases, the rigger might even need to disassemble the item before moving it.

Art Installations

When it comes to art installations, any artwork needs to be handled with extreme care. Moving pieces of artwork can be tricky, especially if they are fragile or very large. Maybe you want to transport a large sculpture or an entire exhibit from one place to another. Such delicate tasks require the expertise of a qualified rigger.

A rigger will come up with a plan to safely transport any artwork and install it at the right location. They will also provide appropriate packaging and padding to protect the artwork during transport. Usually, some pieces of artwork may require special handling, especially if they are made of glass, metal, or stone. That's why you need a rigging service that can ensure the safety of your art pieces.

Special Events

Some special events—like concerts or festivals—require rigging services for setup, breakdown, and safety purposes. For example, some events require temporary stages with lighting or sound systems that must be securely mounted into place before they can be used. Getting the lighting components to where they need to be is sometimes very complicated, which is why you need a rigging service.

Riggers are also essential for safely hanging banners or backdrops at an event. This is usually the case if these banners need to be installed at high locations, such as tall buildings or poles.

A qualified rigger will understand how to properly set up these structures so that they stay in place throughout the event while still being easy enough to take down afterward. 

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