Have you noticed that lots of people, as of late, have been having their garage floors covered in epoxy? Some of your friends may be putting down their own epoxy, and others might be having professionals apply the epoxy for them. Regardless of the approach, you might be wondering what the big deal is and why epoxy garage floors have become so popular. Well, as it turns out, epoxy has a lot of advantages when used as a garage floor coating.

It's fairly easy to apply.

Epoxy can generally be applied right over your current garage floor, and with little prep. It doesn't really matter if the concrete floor has some chips or is rough in some areas. As long as you can get it reasonably clean, you or a garage floor epoxy company can pour epoxy right on over it. The epoxy will adhere to the concrete, and it will cure and dry within a couple of days. This is a much less labor-intensive project than removing and replacing the concrete, or worse yet, tiling over a concrete floor. If you don't want your garage to be out of use for weeks, epoxy is the way to go.

It is waterproof and spill-resistant.

The garage floor is a surface that is going to get wet. You might one day leave the door open a little, allowing rain to get in. You might walk over the floor with wet boots. Or, you might spill a bucket of water when you're working on a project. An epoxy floor is made to withstand all of this. And epoxy does not even get slippery when wet, which is a real asset in the garage.

It stands up to traffic and weight.

You park vehicles in the garage, and they are heavy. You also walk across your garage floor a lot, which causes wear and tear. As such, any flooring material used in a garage has to be really tough and durable. Epoxy fits the bill. It stands up well to foot traffic, and it won't crack under the weight of a vehicle. In fact, it can even protect older and less durable concrete and help prevent it from cracking.

If you are looking to upgrade your garage floor, consider simply having epoxy poured over the concrete. It's a simple installation process, and the result is a waterproof and wear-resistant floor that will serve you well.

For more information about epoxy floor coverings, contact a local company, like A-1 Construction & Remodeling.