You may be wondering if your home needs gutter covers. They could be worth the investment, particularly if your gutter troughs collect a lot of leaves, fluff, seeds, or other tree debris throughout the year. Cleaning gutters isn't much fun, but if the gutters clog up, then they are useless and your home and roof are at risk of water damage. Covers keep the troughs free from debris. Here are some benefits of getting gutter covers installed.

1. The Risk Of Water Damage Is Reduced

When the gutter trough gets clogged with a pile of wet leaves, rain can't drain through fast enough. This causes water to get under the roof or flow over the sides onto the siding. The rain that lands on the ground can seep into the soil and get into your basement.

This poor drainage can lead to expensive water damage on your roof, fascia, soffit, siding, basement, and foundation. Gutter covers keep leaves out of the gutter trough so there is much less risk of water damage to your home.

2. You Won't Need To Service Your Gutters As Often

If there aren't any mature trees on your property, you may not have a problem with your gutters filling up frequently. However, if you have a lot of trees, and some of them are near your house, tree debris could be an issue that forces you to clean out your gutters a few times each year.

If you hate climbing up a ladder and fishing out clumps of decaying wet leaves, then put gutter covers on so you can reduce the frequency of gutter cleaning.

3. Your Property May Have Fewer Mosquitoes

When leaves pile up in your gutter troughs, rain may just puddle inside the trough if it can't drain out. The stagnant water can become a breeding place for mosquitoes. The water can also attract bugs, birds, and rodents looking for water. You don't want these pests so close to your home where they might be tempted to get inside your attic. Gutter covers can prevent this problem by keeping rain flowing through the troughs.

4. Gutter Covers May Even Prevent Gutter Damage

When leaves decay in your gutters, the decaying material provides nutrients for plants to grow. If you don't clean out your gutters often enough, you may find plants, and even trees, growing in the gutter troughs.

The weight might cause the gutter hangers to pull loose and the gutters to sag. Your gutters may even be damaged by all the weight of soaked leaves or from animals like raccoons that start digging around in the troughs.

Gutter covers keep everything but the tiniest debris out of the gutter troughs so you don't have to worry about excessive weight or animal activity making the gutters sag, come loose, or open up at a seam.

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