A fireplace can make the winter months significantly more comfortable for you and your family members. Not surprisingly, many homeowners that do not have one of these features may be interested in the prospects of constructing a new fireplace in their homes. 

Is It Possible To Upgrade A Home By Adding A Fireplace To It?

Unfortunately, it is a common assumption that it could be impossible or extremely difficult to add a fireplace to an existing structure. However, the reality is that this is a fairly common upgrade to make. While it can require considerable planning and work, an experienced custom fireplace contractor will be able to make this upgrade to your home. The chimney or flue for the fireplace will be one of the more challenging parts of this project. This is due to the potential for the contractor to move plumbing and electrical components to make room for the chimney.

Will A Glass Fireplace Enclosure Be Easy To Break?

The actual design of the fireplace will have a big part in determining the overall appearance of this new addition as well as the effectiveness of the heat radiating into the rest of the home.

Glass fireplaces can be a popular option as they will maximize the aesthetics of this addition while also making it easier for the warmth from the fireplace to be distributed throughout the room. While glass is an effective option for the fireplace enclosure, a person may assume that the glass will be very easy to break. Luckily, this is far from the truth as these enclosures are typically made from impact-resistant glass that will be less likely to break or crack in response to routine impacts or the intense heat that the fire may output.

What Impacts Will A New Fireplace Have On Your Home's Interior Heating?

While a fireplace can be a useful source of additional warmth for your home's interior, it is important to consider the ways that it will impact the rest of the heating system. For example, you will typically want to position the fireplace so that it will not have an impact on the thermostat. If the fireplace is located too close to the thermostat or in the same room with it, the heat from the fireplace could cause the thermostat to fail to activate the heating system for the rest of the home. If the thermostat is currently in the room where you are wanting to install the fireplace, it may be a smart decision to have the thermostat move to a different area of the house.

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