When it's time to have the rain gutters replaced on your house, or if you need to have some installed for the first time, then you need to know why a seamless gutter system may be best. Before you can see the advantages of seamless rain gutters, you want to start by recognizing the issues rain gutters with seams can have. Here is more information on these two different types of rain gutters. 

Issues with rain gutters that have seams

A rain gutter is there to capture rainwater as it runs off the roof. If the rain gutter didn't catch the rain, then it would instead run down the eaves and make its way down the side of the home. The water would then be deposited in the ground at the base of the home. Many problems could happen when the rainwater flows down the house in this manner. Here are some of the problems it can cause: 

  • The soffits, eaves, and other areas of the roofing can get water damage

  • The rainwater will cause dark stains along the exterior walls

  • The ground along the home will be eroded by the rainwater

  • The foundation can be damaged due to the shifts in the soil from the rainwater

  • The foliage can be destroyed by the excessive amount of rainwater

The seams are where two pieces fit together. When a rain gutter has seams, those seams are areas that can be weak and become damaged. Another issue with rain gutters that have seams is they tend to be prefabricated, so they may not always fit alongside the house with the measurements and the precision you would want. Also, the seams are visible when looking at the home from closeup, and some people don't prefer this look. 

The advantages of seamless rain gutters

One of the first things to know about seamless gutters is they are cut to fit the house they are being installed on, so the precision you want is in the design. The rain gutters will look smooth and have a nicer appearance due to the lack of seams. 

The lack of seams means a lack of those weak areas, so the gutters will last longer and have much fewer repair issues throughout the years. You aren't going to have to be as concerned about leaks in the gutters, because they will likely not even happen. 

Seamless rain gutters are considered to be a better option, and this means the addition of these gutters will be appreciated.

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