There is a long list of things to look for when buying a home. Most homebuyers tend to concentrate on the internal house features and amenities. However, there are other practical factors to think over. It would be best if you considered the following external factors when selecting a home for sale.


The most crucial external consideration when buying a home is the location. The house location will have a significant impact on convenience and costs. While you can change almost every other aspect of a home on sale, the location is permanent. Primarily, consider the proximity of the house to your workplace. In this way, you can save time and money through proximity. Then, buy a home that is easily accessible. In this case, accessibility means that the house has an excellent connection to public transport networks.


The site refers to the exact home position. For starters, consider if the house site is on a hill or downhill. A home on a hill can provide a great view but may require lots of stairs to access while walking. If the house is downhill, check if there is proper drainage to avoid flash floods. More so, check the gradient of the house yard to see if it can allow for adequate drainage of runoff water. Again, consider is the yard is suitable for kids, sheds, or gardening. In addition, find out if the home driveway has a safe elevation. Lastly, examine if the neighbors have a direct view of your property, which compromising your privacy.


The features of the neighborhood have an impact on your homestay. Therefore, it is advisable to take a walk or drive around the neighborhood at different times of the day. During this assessment, pay attention to the access roads and footpaths. Ask yourself if they are safe for jogging, biking, and unaccompanied children. Also, consider whether the other homes are consistent with the size and features of the homes for sale. Notably, you should examine the activities happening in the neighborhood to see if they contribute to noise and environmental pollution. Moreover, assess the level of safety through security features like surveillance and guard patrols.

Social Amenities

The social amenities near a home affect the quality of living. The ideal home should be near relevant social amenities. Thus, check whether there are schools and hospitals around the property. Again, consider the availability of recreational facilities like playgrounds, basket courts, swimming pools, and gym facilities. Also, proximity to shopping facilities is a desirable external quality. Lastly, find out the distance to the nearest police station to estimate the response time for a security breach. 

Homeowners Association

It is essential to determine if a home on sale is under homeowner's association (HOA) regulations. For instance, condos and townhouses are usually under the governance of HOA. In such a case, take time to go through the HOA requirements. Find out if there are any fees payable to the HOA and what they cover. Again, check the rules on home renovations, pets, and the use of shared spaces. Thus, the HOAs rules can limit your home use freedom.  

Purchasing a home on sale is a significant decision that requires extensive research. Besides the internal house features, assess the location, size, neighborhood, social amenities, and HOAs rules when buying a home.