As a business owner, it is essential to take care of the inside of your office and your employees and inventory. However, you don't want to neglect or under-maintain the outside of your business and its parking lot. Here are some recommendations to help you keep up your business exterior and parking lot.

1. Plan a Maintenance Budget

One of the first things that customers will see of your business is its outside and the condition. So just as you have a budget for payroll or advertising, you need to put some money aside to pay for the outside landscaping and paving. 

Your outside parking lot needs to be kept up for the protection of your customers, as they will be driving and walking upon its surface. If you are in a northern climate, you will need to plan for snow and ice removal to keep the pavement safe from accidents and liability risks. And during the summer, you will need pavement repairs and an occasional resurfacing to keep your pavement maintained. Hire a maintenance crew to keep up your building's exterior, including landscaping and parking lot upkeep.

2. Handle Winter Maintenance

Once you have set up a budget for your winter parking lot maintenance, you can make sure it is handled with each storm that blows through your parking lot. Work with a local landscaper or snow removal company to clear snow from the parking lot and walkways, as both can usually handle the same type of maintenance in winter.

It is also helpful if your snow removal service includes an ice melt application on your slick areas. When the snow melts during the day, it can refreeze at night when temperatures fall and create sheets of ice. But if your snow remover sprinkles ice melt chemicals, it will prevent the moisture from freezing and making a skating rink in your parking lot.

3. Complete Repairs and Resurfacing

As a follow up to winter weather, there can be a great deal of freeze damage in addition to regular drying-out of your asphalt's pavement surface. Dried out pavement leads to cracks that can widen and grow with freeze thaw patterns in the winter. So in the spring, you will need a maintenance crew to fill and patch cracks and holes and repair the parking lot striping when needed.

Additionally, a thorough sealcoat layer of protection will keep your asphalt surface protected from adverse weather. Just be sure to follow it up with a full parking lot restriping project to restore the entire area. Learn more by contacting commercial parking lot maintenance contractors.